Turnpike Basketball

Summer 2022 House Program Registration


Turnpike Basketball House Program Registration - Summer 2022

Welcome Back to Turnpike Basketball!


  • We're very excited to have you join us for our new Summer House Program!
    • Our program will consist of weekly supervised and refereed basketball events for each age group, including but not limited to:
      • 5-on-5 games
      • 3-on-3 games
      • 1-on-1 competitions
      • Shooting contests
      • Skills competitions
    • Each group may either be offered a proposed schedule or choose the events that are most appropriate for them.
    • The program will take place during the 8 weeks from June 20th through the week of August 8th.
    • Events will mostly occur at Canterbury Woods ES on Tuesday evenings and Mosaic ES on Mondays and Thursday evenings.  Occasional events may also be held at Woodson HS on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  This schedule is subject to change.
  • For your safety, all players must be registered with us before he/she can participate in any Turnpike activity.
  • Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.
  • Thanks again for signing up with Turnpike Basketball!

Discounts for Local Pool Members

This Summer, we are offering a $10 discount for members of certain local pools. 


To receive this discount, please find your discount code listed on the Turnpike Basketball banner posted at your pool and then enter it on the payment page of this registration form.



  • Our banner at your pool lists a discount code that includes a dash between the "C" and the "S". 
  • For this Summer 2022 program, DO NOT INCLUDE THE DASH when entering the code on the payment page.


Please direct questions to turnpike.basketball@gmail.com.